May 7, 2014

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Give only advice that you follow..

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10 Min
Build to a Heavy 3
Not a 3 RM

10 Rds
7 Deadlifts 185/115
8 De-Load Push Ups
(Last completed 10/21/13)


10 Min
Build to a Heavy 3
Not a 3 RM

(Last completed 10/21/13)

Post loads, time and thoughts to comments.

Training Notes:

Benchmark Girl WOD
Male: Goal is Sub 6
Female: Goal is Sub 8

  1. paul g says:

    405 x 3

    15 hspu
    then plank on box for 15 and 9

  2. Strength: 225, 225, 275
    WOD(P): 7:17 @ 225 lb. deadlift, red+blue bands HSPU.
    Previous time May 6 2013 8:09 with 225 lb, red+blue bands.

  3. Tim LaGreca says:

    Lift: 315lbs for 3
    Training: 5:02 at 225lbs for deadlift, and ab mat for hspu
    Great work 5:15

  4. Lift: 115/125/135
    Wod: 4:59 @120lbs w/ modified hspu on 24″ box and 45lbs plates… In Oct my time was 6:14 @95lbs and same hspu modification
    Great job this morning everyone!!!

  5. Felicia R says:

    lift: 115/125/135
    wod: 6:15 @ 105# w/ mod hspu on 24″ box and 45# plates
    10/21/13 5:32 @ 85# w/ mod hspu on 24″ box (no plates)
    Awesome job 5:15!

  6. Heather Berardis says:

    Lift: (3) @ 135/155/175
    WOD: 4:03 @ 155# pike pu on 30″ box
    Last done 10/21/13 6:45 @ 125# mod pu on 24″ box
    Doing something right!!! :) Thanks Nick!!
    And Paul…I completely OWE U THANKS for the 155 push today…I so was using 135 :)
    Great job 515!! And to all those cleansing so inspired and impressed!!

  7. Sean Mack says:

    Lift: 315
    Previous time I got up to 295

    Wod: 4:30 rxd red plates to abmat
    Deads went well 21/ 7,4,4/ 9
    Hspu were all without coming off the wall but had long rests in the 15 and 9 that I could improve on

    Previous times 5:34 rxd
    Head to floor 7:54, 11:50

  8. Thanks for the push heather it was a great class 930

  9. Heavy Triple:

    13:15 – Rxd
    My worst time yet. Not really surprised as I have not done any HSPU’s or Deads in that volume in a long time. Need to focus more on my HSPU’s as supplemental work.

    DL – 16/5, 8/4/3, 9
    HSPU – 10/3/3/2/2/1, 3/3/2/2/2/2/1, Singles

    Have fun today! :)

  10. Tim Boyer says:

    Lift : 225,275,325

    WOD: 185. Fitness time :6:18

    This one was awesome. My new favorite!

  11. Bob M. says:

    Lift – 275 / 305 / 325 (looks like my 335 max is moving on up!)

    WOD Rx’d – 5:23 (45’s to ab mat kipped)

    Felt good but a little slower than normal. I think it was in large part to the heavy triple prior, trying out the kip and never doing HSPU properly. Only place to go is up from here!!

    Wanna give a shout out to all the coaches who’ve helped me so much in learning all the movements. Sean and JP, you guys always took the time to answer my questions even when not coaching. I appreciate all the help OTG staff!!

  12. Michelle "Slick88" says:

    205 for 3

    WOD: Perf:
    RX’d for 1st time! So stoked…came off the wall at 8:15 (Thanks, Vincent!), but we had a clock restart about a minute and change into it. So, I’m gonna say 9:20-9:30 for my time! And, hell yeah, I’ll take it!

    Thanks for the push, Steve, Paul, John (my wall buddy!), Cait, Lauren and anyone else yelling for me! Didn’t wanna let you guys down! :)

    Great coaching, Tim!

    STOKED!!! Yippee!!!

  13. Loved being at the 5:15am class today…set the stage for a great day. Thanks for all the support from the others in class and thanks Nick for the encouragement!

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