May 8, 2014

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Give yourself the gift of Self-Appreciation…All the time

The 21 Day Transformation Challenge starts tonight! (for most of us)  Have a terrific experience!

Know that we’re all here to support each other!

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OTG Specialty Program

Olympic Lifting Class Every Other Wednesday @ 6:45pm – Sign Up Here


15 Min/AMRAP
7 G2S 50/30
10 Walking Lunges
7 No Push Up Burpees

3 Rds
40, 60, 80 sec intervals
Rear Feet Elevated & Weighted
Plank Holds
Rest as needed


15 Min/EMOM
1 Squat Clean and Jerk

For time:
30 Clean and Jerks 135/95
(Last completed 10/15/13)

Post loads, time and thoughts to comments.

Training Notes:

Walking Lunges – Can be loaded if sustainable.
CNJ –  Your focus is on Technique @ 65-80% of 1 RM.  Increase loads as consistency dictates.
Grace –  It’s only 30 reps :) – set a high RPM and hold on.

Benchmark Girl WOD
Male: Goal is Sub 3
Female: Goal is Sub 5

  1. Tim LaGreca says:

    Lift: Mostly done at 175lbs, tried 195lbs, but failed, went back to 175lbs, and finished last few rounds at 155lbs.

    Training: 2:16, rx’d
    Great work 6:15

  2. Heather Berardis says:

    Lift @ 65#
    WOD@ 75# 3:29. Thanks for the motivation to go 75# Carol! And way to go on ur PR!!
    Great job 615! Thanks Michelle!!

  3. Another great start to the day! Thanks Michelle…good job 6:15!

  4. Mikey A says:

    Lift: 135 then only up to 155.
    WOD: 2:10 Rx’d.

    Tim, your plan worked! 135 felt lighter in the beginning!

    Good work 615!

  5. Breeze says:

    Lift EMOM
    Rx’d 3:23 might be a pr thought I was on target to break 3 min but slowed up a little

    Great work today mike B
    And nice job on your first wod tom
    Thanks Michele

  6. Carol S says:

    Lift 65 – really wanted to go heavy but saved myself for Grace

    WOD 3:17 @75 PR!
    1/11/2013 8:20 @55
    5/31/2013 3:42 @65

    Getting stronger and I love it!

  7. Kelsey A says:

    Lift – 5 at 75, 5 at 85, 5 at 95

    First time attempting Grace! 5:41 Rx

    Thanks Michelle. Awesome job 9:30!

  8. Michelle "Slick88" says:


    5:32 RX Goal was 5min. Shoulders a bit fried from last night’s Diane. Still a PR. Last time 5:49. Did this solo between classes.

    Great job to the morning crews! Thanks for an awesome start to my day! :)

  9. So nice to work out with the OTG 8:30 crew!

    Got up to 105# (BW & 1RM) in the EMOM, did it three times and it felt better than it ever has before!

    Grace: 6:44 rx
    Definitely a huge PR–thanks to everyone who yelled at me to move faster, and THANKS MICHELLE for a spectacular class!

  10. Paul G says:

    2:47 RX
    10 sec slower than last attempt (when I was eating)

  11. Slaughter! says:

    Lift: 85(5) 95(5) 105(5)
    WOD: “Grace” 4:11 Rx
    Tried to keep pace with Falciani for this one but lost him around rep 20 or so haha. First time doing Grace Rx so now have something to base it of off for next time! As always a wonderful 9:30 class with Michelle!

  12. norman gordon says:

    doing fitness now, did 8+7 in fitness wod. great job 330 great job Sean. Lot of fun at crossfit. Good luck with the cleanse. just want to stay fit and in shape.

  13. Evanne says:

    Lift: 95 lbs to 125 lbs all felt really good!
    WOD: 3:06 Rxd new PR!
    Thanks for the push Sean!
    Great job 330!

  14. Lift 75,85,95,100
    Grace 5:47 rxd, last time 6:45!
    Great job everyone! Thanks Sean!

  15. Kristi says:

    WOD: 50 lb slam ball, 25 lb db’s for lunges, no-push up burpees… 10 rds + 19

    Then I did one armed Grace (right arm) with a 44 lb KB: 5:10

    Thanks Tim for the help, almost dropped it on my face a few times when practicing. haha

  16. Rx 3:38 pr !
    4th day on cleanse
    Great job 3::30

  17. Awesome PR’s and efforts today!

  18. Sean Mack says:

    Lift: last time got up to 200
    Today worked up to 235 to tie my pr clean and jerk then took an extra minute and pr’d at 240#

    Wod: 3:06 pr

    Previous times were 3:25, 3:55 in May 2013 and 4:19 before that.

    Thanks for the push JP!

  19. completed on 5/9/2014
    Strength: 135×5, 155×9, 185×1
    WOD(P): 4:29 Rx. Previous times:
    10/15/2013: 4:56
    5/31/13: 4:25
    8/24/12: 4:38
    5/19/12: 4:58
    6/6/11: 5:54

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