Our Team


Nick DiMatteo, Owner/Coach

Nick is the founder, designer of all lifestyle, performance exercise and nutrition programs at OTG. He is a Coach, Husband and CrossFit athlete and is always pursuing new and effective ways to help people reach beyond their potential.


Michelle Barbera, Partner/Coach

Michelle’s background in fitness includes martial arts, boxing, running and sprint triathlons. She has worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor with athletes of all ages and abilities.

Michelle holds her CrossFit Level 1, Olympic Lifting, Kids, Endurance and Gymnastics certifications

Doug Scholder, Coach

Doug is an Elementary Health and Physical Education Teacher by day, CrossFit coach by night, and a full time husband and father of three boys in between. CrossFit has given Doug back the camaraderie, community, challenges, and friendships he had missed since being out of competitive sports. Always upbeat, always smiling and ALWAYS positive, Doug’s passion for CrossFit is evident in each WOD he performs and each class he coaches. Doug sums up CrossFit by saying, “CrossFit is a health and fitness based exercise program that pushes you to your limits both physically and mentally. I love the camaraderie, community and friendships that go along with it!”

JP Rinylo, Coach

JP is a loving father, devoted husband, and an advocate of all things healthy and fun.

Since graduating from college in ’03, he has long questioned what it means to be healthy and fit.  Through many attempts at following mainstream diets, fad supplements and popular workout programs, he has tried to attain the “look” of healthy. Having pursued all of the “quick fix” methods to getting fit and healthy, he had always failed miserably. Like many others who followed that similar path, he found minimal results and little satisfaction.

Then, a few years ago, a friend of his told him to check out a website, www.crossfit.com… and the rest is history.

The early part of his journey to finding true fitness brought him to CrossFit OTG in August, 2010. It has since led him to losing more than 20lbs,  finding a single digit body fat %, and achieving a level of fitness he didn’t think possible.

The newest leg of his journey led him to pursue a CrossFit Level 1 Certification two years ago.  Since then, he has been growing both as a person and a Coach. His approach is both technical and motivational and his knowledge encompasses each of the CrossFit movements, principles and skills. From introducing a new athlete to how their body moves, to helping a seasoned fire-breather dial in their form – he loves sharing the sport of fitness.

Tony Merendino, Coach

Tony recently retired from the Egg Harbor Twp. Police Department after 25 years of service. He was also one of the founding members of the department’s Emergency Response Team. Tony discovered CrossFit in 2010 and never looked back! He is married to his beautiful wife Janine and has two children, Catie and Anthony (both CrossFitters!) Tony’s passion for health and fitness drove him to help other others who wanted to pursue the same.  He is CF-Level 1 certified.

Sean McAvinue, Coach

Sean’s athletic background is heavily rooted in team sports during his youth which led to competing at a national level in college tennis. After his time in organized athletics came to a close, Sean’s fitness fell by the wayside as he had few training partners and nothing specific to train for. Initially “mud runs” and training for these endurance events re-sparked his interest in fitness. This new fire for fitness and a trip to Florida to visit his brother Ryan (a CrossFitter for 3 years) finally pushed Sean to give CrossFit a shot.

    Less than a year into CrossFit Sean earned his CrossFit L-1. He has since acquired an CF Olympic Lifting Cert, attended CF Coaches Prep Course, Attitude Nation Oly Cert and a Specialty clinic run by Olympic athletes in Gymnastics and Olympic Lifting. He is always pursuing additional certifications/information and is constantly educating himself on all things Health/Fitness related.

Tim Friel, Coach

Tim is a third grade teacher, and a CrossFit athlete. He loves the feeling of challenge, competition, and community that CrossFit brings. He has been active in sports his whole life participating in football, basketball, and surfing.  All this is what brought Tim through the doors of OTG over two years ago. Tim is CF Level 1 certification and is passionate about every facet of the CrossFit program and lifestyle. He believes CrossFit is the most fun you will ever have while making yourself a better and stronger person at the same time.

 Heather Mazzeo Coach's Pic

Heather Mazzeo, Coach

Heather’s athletic background is heavily rooted in team sports during high school.  She’s been a staple at OTG for over 3 years and has made the seamless transition into coaching.  She has a keen eye for technique and will always be the first to congratulate you on a great effort.  Also, Heather is deeply involved in Yoga and you can always find her practicing and refining her movements.

    Less than a year into CrossFit Heather earned her CrossFit L-1. She has attended the CF Coaches Prep Course, as well as, a Specialty clinic run by Olympic athletes in Gymnastics and Olympic Lifting.  Heather is always pursuing additional certifications/information and is constantly educating herself on all things Health/Fitness related