Dec 13, 2013

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Supersize your dreams


10 Min
Build to a Heavy Single

Operation: Thumbtack
*12 Min Cap*
Thruster – Heavy
No Push Up Burpees
(Last completed 12/5/12)


10 Min
Build to a Heavy Single

Operation: Thumbtack
*12 Min Cap*
Thruster 165/115
Muscle Up
(Last completed 12/5/12)

Post load, time and thoughts to comments.

Training Notes:

Thruster – Choose a very challenging weight – one that will barely allow you to go Unbroken for the 1st Rd
Muscle Up – If unable to do Muscle Ups, complete 12-9-6-3 of C2B Pull Ups

  1. Strength: Thruster heavy ugly single 175 lb. from rack.
    WOD (P): 5:38 @ 115 lb. and c2b 12-9-6-3. Could have went heavier on this one. Great work 515 and great coaching Sean!

  2. Lift: got up to 85lbs
    Wod: 7:23 70lbs with ring rows. Thanks Sean for encouraging me to keep that 5lbs on there:)
    Great job 5:15!!!

  3. Heather Berardis says:

    1RM thruster @ 90…could of went higher
    WOD: 3:43 @ 75# and ring rows….finished WAY too early…should have went heavier…repeated last 2 rounds using 85# and finished @ 7:41…I guess should of went more for whole thing!! :(
    Great job coaching Sean!! Way to work 5:15!!

  4. Lift: 80lbs 1RM
    Wod: 5:47 @ 60lbs
    Next time going heavier – I have such a hard time gauging what my “challenging” weight is.
    Awesome job 5:15!!!

    • Awesome job today Felicia! You are so close to that 85#! The more you do these workouts the more familiar you will become with your challenging weights!

  5. lift: 190, 195(f)

    WOD: 9mins even @ 155

  6. Lift 105 – 2 failed attempts at 115.
    WOD 6:47 @ 85 using rr on a 10# box. Can’t do c2b and rr are now so easy. Thank you Sean for challenging me on both :)

  7. Did the warm up and let at 8:30 today!

    Lifts: 175# miss at 185

    Fun class and great coaching Heather!

  8. Heavy Thruster @95….failed at 105 but was sooo close grrr gotta work on form.

    Used 85# for the workout and finished in 7:26 w tough ring rows. Did the first 4 unbroken and then mostly doubles for the rest of the workout. Felt good.

    Awesome to have such a big 930 class today! Great Job everyone!

  9. lift: 175, couldn’t lock out arms at 185.
    wod: 135 and c2b @ 6:05

    good lifting with you uncle dan and mike!

  10. DNF. Felt and heard a pop in arm on my fourth muscle up in the fourth round

  11. Lift 100
    Wod started 85, dropped to 75 after 2 reps lol! Felt weak today! Ring rows for mus.
    Great job 3:30!
    Paul hope the shoulder is ok

  12. Lift: 195. Failed @205 couldn’t stand it up, legs are killing me from Wednesday nights oly class.
    That’s a PR for me, never attempted higher than 155 before tonight.

    WOD: 3:21 @95 lbs with c2b. shoulder sore, didn’t want to push it after the lift.

    Good coaching Tim!

  13. norman gordon says:

    Do not know my time do not care had fun great class great coaching Tim nice an d mellow it was great sometimes that is what we need

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